Travel tips to make you the world’s savviest traveller

Most are not born travellers. It only comes with experience on the road. Travel is a process created by missed buses, silly behaviour, cultural undesirable and countless minor flaws. Then, one day, you will start to walk smoothly from the airports and immerse yourself in new cultures like a fish.

Use a bank card free of charge.

Do not give your hard-earned money to banks. Please keep it for yourself and spend it on your journey. Get a debit card and credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees or ATM fees. On a long journey, the few dollars they charge every time increase!

Always pack a towel

This is the key to a successful galaxy barrier and plain common sense. You never know when you might need it, whether it’s on the beach, at a picnic, or dry off. Although most hostels offer towels, you will never know, and carrying a small towel will not weigh as much on your bag.

Always visit the local tourism office.

They know everything that is happening in the city. They can refer you to free activities, special events in your accommodation and everything in between. They also offer discounts on attractions and transportation. Their job is to help you experience the destination better. It’s amazing how many passengers leave it when they go, but you know how to use this resource as a regular traveller!

Take only what you need when you go out.

You carry a limited amount of cash and bank cards with you so that you can easily get in case something happens. Never carry more than one credit card or ATM. My monetary policy is that I take US 50 USD.

Always carry a lock.

They are useful, especially when you live in a dormitory and need to carry your luggage. Keep a small combination lock with you when you travel. If you lose the keys, you will not use one of the keys, and you will scrap!


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